Want to join the TwelveSec team?

We see training as one of the main competitive advantages of TwelveSec – our goal is to train the next generation of InfoSec consultants and provide our clients with the best possible quality of service. Through rigorous internal training courses, on-the-job training, and certification tutoring, we ensure all our consultants have the knowledge and skill to stand out.

What does TwelveSec offer you?

Rewarding work: We offer our security consultants to either work for a fixed salary or get a share of their projects’ revenues. Furthermore, we have both a performance and a loyalty bonus scheme in place.

Training and certification: We take training very seriously and we spend a large chunk of our yearly budget towards training our employees. This allocation can go towards getting a certifications and/or taking courses to improve your skills.

Internal training: As part of our yearly processes, we allocate time for internal training and have each person from the consultant team sharing their knowledge with the team.

Remote working: You can work from home most of the time, if you choose to. If not, we have offices in Athens, where you can work with others in a more traditional setting.

Working with large organisations: Our clients include tier-1 tech, banking, and telecoms companies in Greece, the Middle East, and the US, the European Commission, as well as large international security companies. As a TwelveSec Infosec consultant you’ll come into contact with security and IT officers within these organisations and build your network of contacts.

Traveling: Our consultants undertake many projects in countries other than the ones they’re based in, both within Europe and outside. You’ll get the chance to travel, meeting new cultures, and finding out how foreign companies operate.

Great atmosphere: We are a team of security consultants – and we enjoy spending time with each other! We have a friendly and relaxed work atmosphere, and go out for drinks, escape rooms and more.

About TwelveSec

TwelveSec is an information security firm, specialising in assurance, security management, and InfoSec training services. Our expertise lies in penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, ISMS development, application architecture review, whitebox web application security assessment and risk assessment, as well as security studies.

TwelveSec has one of the most experienced penetration testing teams in Greece and the Balkan countries, while our network of associates extends across three regions; Europe, North America and the Middle East. Our team is comprised of veteran security specialists, who have extensive experience in the field and have implemented a large number of ICT security projects. Having identified the needs and requirements of an industry driven by innovation and cutting-edge technology, TwelveSec was founded to address these needs and establish itself as one of the leading companies in the sector.

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